Release notes

Release 0.9.0


  • craw_coverage When feature is located on reverse strand the coverage must be reverse to be read in 5’->3’

New Feature

  • craw_coverage add support of 2 wig files one for the forward strand the other for the reverse.

    (issue 26)

  • craw_htmp allow to draw a vertical line in a given color at a given position.

    see –mark option (issue 25)

Release 0.8.0

This release implements the support of wig files.

  • Support of wig file as input data. The user can not only provide bam file but also wig file with –wig option.

  • The annotation file support all columns file, not only tabular file (tsv). The tabular format is still the default, but by specifying the columns separator with the –sep option the annotation file can be in any format for csv file use –sep ‘,’

  • the control of verbosity has been extend with -v to increase it and -q to decrease it. These options are cumulative so it possible to use -vv or -qq

  • improve traceability by displaying craw version and all python dependencies version pysam, pandas, numpy, matplotlib, …